Teosyal Dermal Fillers at the Ruth Eaton Clinic

Why choose Teosyal Dermal Fillers?


Hyaluronic acid is a natural, major component of our skin. Its hydrating, lubricating and viscoelastic properties make the face well-rounded, smooth and well-defined. These qualities deteriorate with age: the upper and lower cheeks become sunken, wrinkles appear and the face’s oval shape is lost, affecting its overall harmony.

Teosyal is an award winning 100% hyaluronic acid based filler gel which is highly biocompatible and slowly absorbed when injected into the dermis. Teosyal effectively alleviates hyaluronic acid deficiency, preventing and instantaneously correcting wrinkles and hollows whilst remaining perfectly in keeping with your personality and facial features.

Our latest Teosyal®RHA product makes it possible to support the skin’s every move, while helping to preserve the vitality and softness of your face.

The result is immediate and natural. Your skin remains smooth and supple.

What is Teosyal best used for?

  • Filling wrinkles and lines
  • Remodelling cheekbones and softening the contours of the face
  • Increasing and remodelling lip volume with an in-depth rehydrating effect
  • Revitalizing and rehydrating the skin
  • Preventing the appearance of wrinkles and lines even in the most sensitive areas such as the neck and neckline

What can you expect to experience during and after a treatment with Teosyal?

The treatment session lasts an average of thirty minutes. If you are sensitive to injections, particularly when treating the sensitive lip area, Ruth may suggest an anaesthetic cream or local anaesthetic to completely numb the area to be injected.

The desired result is immediately visible. Slight discomfort or swelling and a little redness may appear at the points of entry. Thanks to the high purity of Teosyal, all these problems generally lessen within 3 hours and disappear completely within an average of 24 hours.

How long does Teosyal last?

Results are immediately visible. In order to optimize the achieved result, Ruth will recommend the best number of sessions for each client, which may vary between 1 and 3 initial sessions. The lasting effect of Teosyal is increased with successive sessions.

In order to maintain the results achieved, additional treatments will be required but less of the product will be necessary, thanks to its truly cumulative effect.

Are there any side effects?

Teosyal is not advised for pregnant or breastfeeding women or for people with known hypersensitivity to hyaluronic acid, autoimmune disease or other diseases affecting the immune system.

During the week prior to treatment, the use of high doses of aspirin, anti-inflammatory painkillers and anticoagulants is strongly discouraged. During the days following treatment, exposure to extreme temperatures should be avoided (intense cold, saunas, UVs and the sun).


Ruth is very subtle with her treatments. After 2 discrete sessions, my friends and family weren’t just telling me how well and fresh-faced I looked, but that I seemed invigorated – they thought there was a new man in my life!

Before and after photographs of clients who have benefited from Teosyal treatments:

2015-09-21_1622_002 2015-09-21_1622_001 2015-09-21_1622 2015-09-21_1621