Facial Aesthetics, Body & Skincare Consultations

What to expect from your consultation with Ruth Eaton

The consultation is probably the key part of our journey together. It’s where we get to know each other and understand which treatments will give you the most effective results, how and why.

All new clients have a consultation with me which normally lasts for around 30 minutes and requires a £35 deposit, and for all existing patients, each appointment starts with a mini-consultation and up-date.

During this time you will be asked to share your thoughts & concerns, whilst given a skin, body & facial consultation. I will suggest which treatments will give you the most effective results. Quite often more than one option is given so notes are taken and you are given a copy of these to take home with you to consider at your leisure. It is also possible to treat straight away if you are medically fit & well and treatment is indicated.

We’ll discuss your medical history and cover all the risks & benefits of your planned treatments. You will be photographed before and after treatment for legal purposes (these photos remain my property at all times).

There is no obligation to have treatment. Your deposit secures the time in clinic and we will happily refund if you decide not to go ahead with treatment. After your treatment you will be given post-treatment advice to use at home.

My aim is to make you feel totally at ease, so that you can derive maximum benefit from your treatment and fully enjoy the newly refreshed you – that’s why you can contact me from 8am to 8pm every day from Monday to Saturday for further information or a chat about your treatment.


J.L. Bishop's Stortford
“My initial consultation gave me complete confidence in Ruth and what she was going to do for me. She initially put my mind at rest by telling me of her qualifications and 15 year’s experience as a Nurse. She asked me to look in a mirror to see the areas I would like her to look at, then discussed all the various treatments, the pros and cons, even the worst case scenarios, of them all. We went through a long health questionnaire after which Ruth recommended treatments. We then looked at all the literature, and I had copies to take away with me. We had a date the following week to start my treatment. All the way through I was able to ask any questions, after all this was a first for me. I left that first day looking forward to my next appointment”